Tile roofs have lasted for centuries. Examples abound around the world: India, China, Japan, and European countries are dotted with historic structures capped with beautiful, durable tile roofs. While many people immediately think of the characteristic half-curved Spanish Tile, many modern terracotta designs offer great variety. The timeless elegance and economic practicality of tile makes tile roofing a great 2018 design choice for your Des Moines home.


Ludowici Roof Tiles

VanWeelden Company prefers the artisanal beauty and modern versatility of Ludowici terracotta roof tiles. This superior manufacturer still adheres to Old World values in craftsmanship, beauty, and durability. Their 40-plus design choices cover just about every architectural style imaginable:

  • Barrel tile
  • Shingle tile
  • Interlocking tile
  • Shake tile
  • Slate tile
  • Graduated tile (to fit turreted roofs)
  • Tapered tile (to fit curving surfaces)
  • Custom tile
  • Imported tile

Stylish Elegance

If you are concerned your Des Moines-area home may not be suitable for tile, think again. Because Ludowici has been making quality terracotta tiles for more than 125 years, they have learned a thing or two about offering variety in tile looks, colors and style.

Just consider that their color selection — more than 50 glaze colors — is nearly twice the typical color variety found in fiberglass-asphalt shingles.

Whether you own a ranch, Colonial, bi-level or mid-century modern home, you can find a perfect, bold match with Ludowici terracotta tiles.

Consider another aspect: texture. In flat tiles alone, Ludowici offers 11 different textures, including hand-roughed, brushed, and weathered.

Design Chops

Tile is economical — your roof may well outlast everything underneath it, like siding, windows and doors. Tile roofing requires little maintenance. It is storm- and water-resistant about on a par with metal roofing, but with a far warmer, inviting appeal.

Tile roofing is 2018’s bold choice for many reasons. Most homeowners accept shingle roofing as the default. Many of your Des Moines neighbors shy away from strong color. And some prefer to let their homes shrink into the background. If you want to set your own path, make your own statement, and proudly display your design chops to the world, choose tile.

When you are ready to stand out from the crowd, to make the bold design choice to modernize your home while preparing it for the ages, step up to Ludowici terracotta tiles expertly installed by VanWeelden Company. Contact us today to learn the complete tile story.