Good, better, best; a highly respected catalog company started way back in 1893 by offering those three levels of many products. Roofing companies can be divided into those same ratings. To find the best roofer, look for these three best practices. 


Among the best companies, no matter the product or service, training ranks as a hugely important capital investment. Your employees are a critical part of your success, so investing in their careful training always pays off. Yes, training costs a company money. But well-trained employees not only produce better results, but they also tend to be happier, more productive, and filled with pride. 

You can spot the best roofer by finding out what kind of training the roofing crews receive: 

  • Good: Good roofing companies check out a new employee’s experience, partner her or him with a more experienced worker, and hope the knowledge passes on. Often, this works out well. Not always, but often. On the job training is a legitimate model; it is just not the best method. 
  • Better: Better roofing companies recognize that customers like when crews know what they are doing. They encourage employees to get training but are reluctant to pay for the training costs. 
  • Best: The best roofers (VanWeelden Company, for example) keep their installers and crews updated on trends, new materials, installation strategies, and new tools. They send crews to manufacturers’ factories for factory training. They require crew members to earn certifications. They send those same crew members back for further training as needed, not when it would be a public relations ploy. 

You can sense the difference in a well-trained crew. They know their job, they each perform swiftly and surely, and they seldom have to stop for a lot of cross-talk. They know the materials, too, including the newest offerings from major manufacturers. You never want your house to be the training ground for a new product or crew. Never. 


Contractors suffer from reputations carved out by the absolute worst among their numbers: no telephone callbacks, no answers to simple questions, no returned emails. Customers disappear when communication breaks down. 

On the other hand, good customer communication increases client satisfaction, improves return business, and leads to great word-of-mouth publicity. Look for a roofer who provides the best communication:

  • Good: A good roofer provides a real, working telephone number and an opportunity for you to leave a message. 
  • Better: A better roofer provides an updated voicemail system, prompt responses to telephone calls, and quick returns when you use the company’s online contact feature. 
  • Best: The very best roofers, such as VanWeelden Company, provide easy ways to reach the company, the names and telephone numbers of sales representatives and site managers, and thorough explanations in response to your every question.

The best residential roofer knows that a homeowner oversees only one or two roof replacements in a lifetime. You naturally will have many questions. In fact, the best roofers encourage questions, because complete customer satisfaction is a “must.” 


How comforted would you be if your surgeon announced that the results of her surgical procedure on you were just “okay?” Probably not very comforted! The same is true with a roofer. Do you want satisfactory results, or a superior job? Do you want your roof installed so it will just get you by the next hard winter? Or do you want an installation with workmanship so stellar that your roof will protect your family and all your possessions for years to come? 

From the smallest roof repair to complete roof replacement, you can see the signs of the best workmanship: 

  • Good: A good roofer provides a solid repair or replacement job. Sure, you may need to call because something seems amiss. A good roofer will cheerfully return for one callback to correct some slight error or oversight. After all, nobody is perfect. 
  • Better: A better roofer will use some kind of post-project punch list or inspection to verify the job was done correctly. If something needs to be addressed, the better roofer knows it before you do. 
  • Best: The best roofers, on par with VanWeelden Company, will produce a flawless, visually pleasing repair or replacement with no need for followup or callback. At every step of the work, each task will be done to the highest level of craftsmanship. 

You can simplify your search for the best roofer. Contact us at Brad VanWeelden Company to schedule your free inspection. That’s it. That is all you need to do to connect with the best roofer in the Des Moines area. We will return your call or respond to your online contact, promptly. We will answer every question you have. And we will provide you with the absolute best in workmanship, value, and customer satisfaction.