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Residential Siding: Too Many Options? Let Us Help You Find The Best Siding For Your Home!

The siding on your home has two primary functions. The first is to provide safety and comfort for you and your family. To do this, the siding must be capable of withstanding whatever local weather conditions can throw at it. The second function is to look good while doing it. So, what type of siding [...]

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Roof Maintenance: Is It Really Necessary? What Is The Impact Of Roof Maintenance On Your Home?

After installing a new roof, you expect a long lifespan with no worries. This is possible, but you need to do the proper roof maintenance to keep this significant investment in top shape. You can enjoy many years of service from a correctly installed new roof. Here are the keys to keep your roof looking [...]

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What Causes Gutter Clogs and the Best Way to Prevent them

Clogged gutters have many destructive effects on your home. The immediate effects are damage to your house’s various components, including the roof, walls, windows, foundation, and landscaping.  Fortunately, there are two ways to prevent the negative effects of gutter clogging: cleaning your gutters regularly and taking measures to prevent gutter clogging in the first place. [...]

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Top 5 Reasons for Pesky Gutter Leaks and How to Fix Them

Repairing a leaking gutter will cost you a few hundred dollars. The cost of replacing broken or leaking guttering may run a bit higher. However, the structural damage from broken guttering can be downright expensive. Gutter leaks cause major leaks in your home, and cracks in the foundation and walls. Your siding may start to rot, affecting the beauty of your home. […]

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How Many Downspouts Do I Need With My New Gutters?

Roofs are big, easy investments. Your home needs one roof. But with gutters how many downspouts do you need? Should you just have your gutter installer copy what you already have, even if you occasionally get overflowing gutters? Or should you hire hydraulic engineers and rocket scientists? Is there a middle ground? […]

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How Can I Tell What Fiber Cement Siding Is Made Of?

What is unobtainium made of? Nothing; unobtainium does not exist except in the fevered dreams of engineers and Hollywood scriptwriters. What is fiber cement siding made of? Ah! That we can answer, since it only has five ingredients.  […]

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How To Decide If Fiber Cement Siding Is Better Than Vinyl

No one product suits everyone. Which siding — fiber cement or vinyl — is right for your home? Only you can decide on the right siding, but having a little background knowledge can help.  […]

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How Long Will My New Fiber Cement Siding Last?

How long does fiber cement siding last? Will it outlast vinyl, wood, or metal siding? Will it need constant attention, cleaning, and repainting? As you consider new siding for your Des Moines-area home, many questions naturally arise. Let’s focus first on fiber cement siding’s astounding longevity.  […]

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Roof Replacement Vs. Repair: How To Choose The Best Option

So much of life seems driven by choices: plastic versus paper; regular vs. high octane; roof replacement vs. repair. Many municipalities ban plastic bags, taking that decision out of your hands. Most cars can operate well on regular (and less expensive!) gasoline. But with roof repair versus complete roof replacement, you need an expert’s input.  […]

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5 Reasons Maintenance Is Important For Your Residential Roof

When you bought your Des Moines-area home, you did not receive a little owner’s manual with a chapter called “Why Roof Maintenance is Important.” Pity, because your roof’s health is key to your home’s health. We can think of at least five reasons roof maintenance matters.  […]

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