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How To Tell If Skylights Are A Good Investment For Your Home

What makes the sky blue? That’s a simple, two-word answer: Rayleigh scattering. What makes skylights a good investment? That’s a much more involved answer, with at least three great answers! […]

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How To Tell When It Is Time To Replace Your Exterior Doors

Knowing when to replace doors on your Des Moines-area home is essential for sustaining your home’s security, curb appeal, and resale value. When visitors and guests arrive at your house, the front door is their first opportunity to see, close up, how well you maintain your home. Replacing exterior doors is as much about energy efficiency, security, and pride as it is about style and good looks.  […]

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3 Ways Exterior Painting In The Rain Can Ruin Your Curb Appeal

Can Des Moines homeowners climb on their roofs? Can you leave a propane grill outside in the winter? Can you do exterior painting in the rain? No, yes, and no. And that last one really matters, for three important reasons.  […]

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How A Roof Leak Could Turn Into Mold

Just as a mild cold can turn into life-threatening pneumonia, a small roof leak can turn into fast-spreading mold. Prompt action and a trusted roofer are the surest answers to roof leaks and mold.  […]

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A Quick Overview Of 3 Popular Commercial Roof Covering Types

Esperanto is an artificial language invented in 1887 so any two people in the world could talk. You can find it online with apps like DuoLingo and Lernu! Being able to speak the same language means sharing ideas. When your roofer talks about PVC or TPO, you may be lost at exactly the moment you need to understand your commercial roofer. Here is an overview of three commercial roof covering types.  […]

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How To Understand Life Expectancy For Your Commercial Roof

No roof lasts a lifetime. When you are faced with the capital expense of a new commercial roof, you have to factor in its expected longevity, so you can see which type of roof best serves your budget. The same is true for an “inherited” roof on a newly acquired commercial property: you need to know what your roof can do for you.  […]

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The Main Reason Why Your Flat Roof Is Leaking

Mount Waialeale in Hawaii is the rainiest place on earth. Better there than inside your commercial property. If your low-slope or flat roof is leaking, you might well feel like all the water in the world is getting inside and ruining inventory, damaging equipment, or making customers and employees sick. You ask, “Why is my flat roof leaking?” One word: ponding.  […]

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What You Need To Know How Often Your Roof Needs Replacement

“They” say to replace your toothbrush every three months.”They” say a lot of things. What do “they” say about how often roof replacement should be on your To-Do list?  […]

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3 Things To Expect When You Get A Roof Replacement

The day you bought your home was a day of mixed emotions: joy, fear, anticipation, worry. You face similar emotions on the day you sign off on a roof replacement. A little knowledge goes a long way toward soothing frayed nerves. After the bids and accepting one roofer’s estimate and signing a contract, what’s next?  […]

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How To Pick The Best Residential Roofing Shingle

What is the best recipe for Red Velvet Cake? A question like that is unanswerable because your “best” may not match our “best.” Similarly, asking, “What is the best residential roofing shingle” is just about unanswerable until you know what you mean by “best.” Three factors may help guide your choice of the best residential shingle.  […]

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