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What You Need To Know How Often Your Roof Needs Replacement

“They” say to replace your toothbrush every three months.”They” say a lot of things. What do “they” say about how often roof replacement should be on your To-Do list?  […]

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3 Things To Expect When You Get A Roof Replacement

The day you bought your home was a day of mixed emotions: joy, fear, anticipation, worry. You face similar emotions on the day you sign off on a roof replacement. A little knowledge goes a long way toward soothing frayed nerves. After the bids and accepting one roofer’s estimate and signing a contract, what’s next?  […]

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How To Pick The Best Residential Roofing Shingle

What is the best recipe for Red Velvet Cake? A question like that is unanswerable because your “best” may not match our “best.” Similarly, asking, “What is the best residential roofing shingle” is just about unanswerable until you know what you mean by “best.” Three factors may help guide your choice of the best residential shingle.  […]

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How Can Hail Damage Your Shingle Roof?

Weather forecasters always describe hail in sports terms: hail the size of golf balls, baseballs, or softballs. They might serve homeowners better by describing hail in the extent of possible roof damage: minor roof repair, major roof repair, or full roof replacement.  […]

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Should I Call A Roofer Or My Insurance Company After Storm?

Heads I win, tails you lose. It’s an old trick older brothers and sisters play on younger siblings. Should I call a roofer or my insurance company after a storm? Drawing a difference between similar things may be child’s play, but when you are dealing with a damaged roof, you have a lot at stake: call your roofer or your insurer? Call both! […]

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5 Causes Of Roof Damage & How To Help Prevent Them

How will you know when your roof is damaged? Among the top causes of roof damage, these five rank high. […]

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5 Things To Know Before Choosing The Best Windows

Your home will be instantly uplifted with new windows. To transform a home, boost curb appeal, and increase energy efficiency, nothing beats new windows. Here are five ways to evaluate which windows are best for your Des Moines-area home. […]

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Why Your Home (and Siding) Needs Exterior Painting

Own a home and never be bored. Inside, you worry over heating systems, plumbing, and the perfect shade of jewel box ocher paint for your guest room. Keeping up your home’s beautiful outside often means professional exterior painting. […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Gutters Are Overflowing

Yuck! The water that should be rushing out your downspouts and away from your home is falling like a muddy curtain across the front of your home. Why do gutters overflow? […]

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How To Tell When You Should Replace Your Roof

You have lived in and enjoyed your Des Moines-area home for years now. Memories, good times, comforting moments. How long has it been? Could it be time to replace the roof? How can you know? […]

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