You can’t avoid Mother Nature, but you can avoid taking your roofing system for granted. After all, your roof is a substantial investment that protects you, your loved ones and your home. Use these tips from your professional Des Moines residential roofers to ensure you’re doing right by your roof.

Roof Inspections

One of the most important steps you can take to safeguard the investment of your roof and home is to incorporate regular roof inspections into your home maintenance plan. If you wait until you see signs of roofing problems, such as water stains or moldy attic insulation, there could already be extensive and expensive damage.

Schedule professional roof inspections during the spring and fall seasons. Additionally, it’s wise to inspect your roof following inclement weather, such as wind-driven storms and/or hail storms. Keep in mind that you should not allow a non-professional to walk on your roof. It’s much too dangerous and it could cause damage in and of itself.

Avoid Ice Dams

Ice dams are generally caused by poor attic ventilation, a lack of insulation and air leaks between the attic and living spaces. These efficiency problems cause attic temperatures to rise above outside freezing temperatures and, as a result, melt the bottom layer of snow and ice on your roof. The water runs down to your roof’s eaves and re-freezes.

This accumulation of ice — ice dams — can damage your roof’s decking, shingles and gutters. Here’s what you can do to avoid ice dams:

  • Ask your residential Des Moines roofers if your attic has enough ventilation. Free airflow is needed to equalize attic temperatures to outdoor temps.
  • If you use fiberglass insulation, you should have at least 14 inches installed. The goal is to reach R-60 as recommended by the Energy Star program.
  • Seal air leaks between your attic and living spaces with caulk and weatherstripping. Don’t forget to seal the attic door.

Take a Fresh Look at Your Gutters

When your gutters are in disrepair and leaking or overflowing due to debris blockages, water can seep underneath shingles, harming roof decking or framing, as well the home’s foundation. Make sure your gutters are inspected and cleaned out each fall season to help avoid roofing and home damage.
For more essential tips to prolong the life of your roof, contact your professional Des Moines area residential roofers at VanWeelden Company today!

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