Any homeowner advice column will tell you to get three estimates for any major job, like roofing or exterior work. You may naturally feel like the roofing contractors you contact will be glad to come out, inspect your Des Moines home, and offer an estimate. How do you know, though, that you are attracting the best roofing contractors for the job?

Two-Way Interview

We also recommend collecting at least three bids for a job, but remember that you may need to look further afield. Some roofing contractors will politely decline you and you may not even realize it. Why? Customers and contractors are a two-way street.
That initial interview is also the roofer’s chance to evaluate you. Are you unreasonably demanding? Are you expecting the job to be done the same week you collect estimates? Are you thinking the job will cost what it actually cost in 1950? You may not even know what is reasonable, so be sure to ask questions, rather than make demands.


Keep your roof and home exterior healthy so that when you are asking roofing contractors for repair or replacement, they know you value your Des Moines-area house. Regular maintenance will not only make necessary repairs less expensive, they will prolong your home’s life.
A contractor who knows you maintain a high level of quality in your home will also provide a high level of service. Think about it: say you run an auto body shop and two customers come in, one with a beat-up old clunker and the other with a gleaming classic car. Which will get the better service?


Build a genuine customer relationship with your roofer. Most Des Moines homeowners are not going to need frequent roof replacement, but the combination of rain and snow can mean annual or semiannual light repair work. This is an ideal situation for attracting and keeping the area’s best roofing contractors.
Working with your local roofer as a partner to preserve your home, you can get a good sense of how long your roof will last, what options you have for roof replacement, and what repair problems to keep an eye on between visits.
We hope our Des Moines neighbors will think of VanWeelden Co. Roofing when considering the best roofing contractors. Please contact us so you can see all the services we offer, not just with roofing, but with exterior work as well.

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