A home requires a lot of upkeep, and oftentimes, there are multiple repairs and improvements that need attention at the same time. If you’re not sure which improvements you should tackle first without overextending your budget, you can benefit from some prioritization advice.

Prioritization Tips from Experienced Home Improvement Contractors in Des Moines

The first step in prioritizing home improvements is to ask yourself some questions to establish your financial limitations and decide whether adding value is a concern.

  • How much do you have in your monthly budget to help cover home improvement costs?
  • Do you need to apply for a home improvement loan or line of credit to complete a big project?
  • Are you planning to stay in your home long-term or sell in the near future?


Next, you need to decide what projects to tackle first. Repairs and improvements that protect your home and family are the most important, followed by projects that boost comfort, save you money, add value and increase your enjoyment of your home. Here’s an expanded look at the order of importance for home improvements:

  • Staying safe and preventing damage. Projects that directly impact the security of your family, or prevent damage to your home, should always be tackled first. This can include repairing or replacing the roof to stop water leaks that cause costly interior damage and or health concerns like mold growth.
  • Creating long-term savings. Next are the projects that increase your home comfort and help lower your household operating costs. They can include installing efficient new windows, upgrading to Energy Star-rated shingles or metal roofing, or replacing your siding and adding more R-value in your exterior walls.
  • Enhancing your home’s value. If you plan to sell in the not-too-distant future, you’ll probably want to consider the amount of added value you get from different types of projects. You can check the potential payback for various home improvements in our specific region using Remodeling Magazine‘s annual “Cost Versus Value Report.”
  • Increasing your enjoyment. These types of improvements usually fall into the discretionary category, but they can also add curb appeal and make your home more attractive. Having the exterior or interior painted, or adding a new deck to create more outdoor living space, are just two examples.

If you’re in need of personalized advice about prioritizing your projects, contact us today at VanWeelden Company, your expert home improvement contractors in Des Moines.

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