What is the best recipe for Red Velvet Cake? A question like that is unanswerable because your “best” may not match our “best.” Similarly, asking, “What is the best residential roofing shingle” is just about unanswerable until you know what you mean by “best.” Three factors may help guide your choice of the best residential shingle


With roofing materials, the name matters. Companies whose products were inferior have vanished. The landscape is dominated now by a few names whose roofing materials are superior in every way: 

  • Owens Corning — Offering StreakGuard algae protection and the beloved Berkshire® shingle line
  • CertainTeed — Featuring their architectural laminate shingle, Landmark® 
  • GAF — Makers of America’s #1 shingle, Timberline

These dominant companies have research departments which continuously improve their products. You, the residential homeowner, benefit from breakthroughs like Owens Corning’s Sure Nail® Strips, GAF’s HDZ® Shingles, and CertainTeed’s one-piece ridge vents. 

If you want an alternative to fiberglass and asphalt in a roofing material, consider polymer composite shingles from DaVinci Roofscapes. These innovative products accurately mimic every other roofing material:

  • Slate
  • Tile
  • Shake


The very best fiberglass-asphalt shingles offer plenty of options to the wise Iowa homeowner. Color choice, shingle cut, profile, shadowing, and other features distinguish top-tier shingles from the basic three-tab shingle cluttering up home improvement store shelves. 

Going with a shingle leader helps you when trying to coordinate your shingle choice with:

  • Your home’s trim colors
  • The existing siding style and color
  • Landscaping

Great shingles enhance great homes. 


The company you select to install your “best” shingle is as crucial as the shingle itself. Using a local, reliable, reputable roofing contractor with years of experience using your particular shingle brand is a good start.

It would be best to have a roofer backed by the manufacturer, who can offer strong warranties and return your calls. No matter the shingle you choose, it must be installed by a local contractor who:

  • Gets the job done right the first time
  • Values customers enough to provide impeccable customer service
  • Has a highly trained, permanent roofing installation crew
  • Knows the best techniques for installing the best materials
  • Gladly returns after the job to address any concerns a customer may have (a callback)

Please contact us at VanWeelden Co. today so we may have the opportunity to show you our wide selection of roofing materials and our dedication to flawless customer service.