When you think about it, your day-to-day life involves a lot of planning — grocery shopping, doctor appointments, work, leisure and what’s for dinner? Then, you have long-term decisions to make, such as planning a vacation, trading in your car or getting one more year out of it. When it comes to replacing one of the most important systems in your home, why not plan ahead, too? Learn why planning for your new roof is a great idea, and how to work with your Des Moines roofing contractor to do it.

Planning Your Roof as a System

Your roofing system consists of much more than the shingles. It’s important to consider all of the materials, ventilation and insulation below the shingles that truly help drive home efficiency and extend the service life of the roofing material.

So, as you’re planning your new roof replacement, work with a contractor that will assess the insulation and ventilation in your attic and correctly assess the decking and timber.

Home Exterior Upgrade

Are there other systems in your home that need an upgrade? Are your windows and doors drafty or getting old? How about your home’s cladding? New energy-efficient windows, doors and siding make your home more efficient and boost value.

Another area to consider outside the box, so to speak, is your outdoor space. Adding or refurbishing a deck extends the living spaces outdoors — add an outdoor kitchen or fire pit — and truly enjoy all that your home and property may offer.

Financing Your Roof

When you plan ahead for your new roof, you have time to make sound financial decisions. Ask your contractor if they offer payment terms, or if they have preferred lending institutions they work with. Planning ahead gives you the opportunity to fully review bids from multiple contractors, pick the right financing option and do business when it’s convenient for you.

Working With Your Des Moines Roofing Contractor

Deliberate and thoughtful planning will give you the best results. A good and trustworthy contractor understands this, and wants you to be 100-percent satisfied with the project and their work — a customer for life. Plan ahead and don’t cut corners.
If you have questions about working with your Des Moines roofing contractor to plan your new roof, contact the professionals at VanWeelden Company today!