Strong relationships and professional development opportunities with leading manufacturers help our Des Moines roofing business serve both homeowners and the environment

Top of the House Contractor - Brad Van WeeldenA solid understanding of how shingles fit with insulation and ventilation for superior roofing performance is a crucial component in the qualified installation of energy efficient roofing systems.

VanWeelden Co. was recently honored to join a select group of exterior home improvement specialists recognized by Owens Corning® for the successful completion of its Top of the House™ Contractor Certification Program.

Top of the House Contractors have been certified by Owens Corning as roofing system experts with the proven knowledge to correctly estimate roofing jobs, extend the life of a roof, and increase comfort inside of a home. Choosing the right contractor for a job can also save you time and money on future maintenance or repairs.

They also understand the role insulation plays in reducing the carbon footprint of a house, and safely make roof repairs or installations that are good for both houses and the environment. In fact, a high-performance roofing system installed by a certified Top of the House Contractor can help prevent heat or moisture from being trapped in the attic, lead to lower heating and cooling costs, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

VanWeelden Co. cares for the environment, too, and we’ve even pledged to recycle all of our torn-off shingles as an Owens Corning Preferred Recycling Contractor.

If you’re considering a new roof to enhance the appearance, value, comfort and environmental friendliness of your home, VanWeelden Co. has a certified solution for you. Call today for a free estimate, a no-obligation consultation, or for more information about beautifying your Iowa home with the performance and efficiency of an Owens Corning roofing system.