VanWeelden Co. reinforced a commitment to build both comfort and efficiency into the homes of our customers with the successful completion of the DuPont™ Certified Installer program.

Brad Van Weelden Certified Tyvek InstallerClassroom work and in-field product installations were included as part of the comprehensive Tyvek® HomeWrap® training curriculum designed by the building science experts at DuPont.

Did you know the average 2,500-square-foot home constructed without protective wrapping includes one-half mile of cracks and crevices, exposing interiors to rain and air that increases the cost of heating and cooling while opening the door for mold, mildew and wood rot?

On the other hand, the average family of four over the course of any given 24-hour period generates up to 70 pints of moisture, threatening otherwise healthful living environments by trapping wetness and the possibility of future problems.

Now imagine you’re wearing a high-quality fleece or breathable sweater, which keeps you warm while allowing excessive moisture to escape away from the body. That’s a good way to describe the versatile protection of Tyvek HomeWrap.

It’s an innovative product that stops wind and rain from getting in, but includes microscopic holesBrad Van Weelden DuPont Weatherization Certificate that allow your house to breathe as comfortably as your wallet with energy savings estimates of $270 a year in climates comparable to Chicago. One Tyvek case study points to a 30 to 40 percent drop in utility bills following the certified installation of this veritable shield that halts the escape of the conditioned air.

Maintaining the integrity of wall systems is a core competency of our roofing and siding business, which was built on the confidence Iowa homeowners place in the certified building practices we’ve demonstrated for the past 17 years.

We joined DuPont’s network of certified specialists because our team understands the value of installing robust weatherization systems that keep households running economically amid constantly evolving industry standards.

Have other house wrap questions or ready “seal the building envelope” as part of your next home exterior improvement project? Don’t hesitate to give VanWeelden Co. a call.