Good Housekeeping says VanWeelden Co. partner James Hardie is tried, tested and approved. 

Iowa homemakers understand the value of stocking high-performance equipment and supplies to keep the house in order, especially during the potentially tumultuous holiday season.

Good Housekeeping Seal of ApprovalA spike in foot traffic and those whirlwind weekend shopping sprees can strain even the most ambitious among us when we’re trying to manage daily chores and home improvement projects with a turkey or ham roasting in the oven. It’s no surprise that people tend to get a bit grumpy if the stove breaks a day before Thanksgiving or a TV malfunctions during the bowl game.

Things get even more serious – and more expensive – when a substandard home exterior widget falls apart in full view of friends, neighbors and relatives who, instead of commenting on your awesome Christmas light display, wind up in a 10-minute conversation about the hole in your siding.

So isn’t it nice to know that with so many options in the exterior home improvement market there are still U.S. companies that stick to traditional values when it comes to building quality products intended to outlast a few tough winters? That’s one reason why VanWeelden Co. is proud to only partner with the best and brightest among manufacturers such as James Hardie, the world leader in fiber cement siding.

In May, James Hardie announced that its siding had earned the Good Housekeeping Seal ofJames Hardie Preferred Remodeler approval, following rigorous testing by some folks who don’t take Google’s word for it. In fact, each and every product stamped by Good Housekeeping has been rigorously evaluated by the organization’s Research Institute to ensure a manufacturer can back up everything promised on its packaging and advertising.

“We help you navigate that sea of choices with the most valuable compasses there are,” says Rosemary Ellis, Good Housekeeping’s chief editor. “Research and facts.” By the way, James Hardie siding is found on over 5.5 million homes, comes in a variety of looks and textures, and is engineered for strength, beauty and durability suitable for any climate.

So sit back, grab a TV tray and turn on the game. Because after you discover the performance of HardiePlank lap siding – installed by a Preferred James Hardie Remodeler – the only thing you’ll have to worry about sealing up for the duration of a 30-year non-prorated, transferable, limited warranty, is entertaining all those house guests impressed by your taste and hungry for more.