Children often think mighty highly of themselves, yet cringe when judged by others.

Most of us understand we tend to overrate our own work. That is why impartial judges are so valuable, especially with tasks like roofing and home repair. Certifications for roofers give homeowners the assurance that an independent judge, not just the roofer, thinks their work is good.

Repairs to Replacement

Whether you are seeking a roofer for simple roof repair (a missing shingle, loose flashing, or replacement boots around sanitary stacks) or for a complete roof replacement, look for a roofer with industry certifications.

From repairs to replacement, quality and customer service matter. Your roofing company needs to be just as conscientious and honest with a small repair job as they would with a large roof replacement project.

Certifications to look for

  • Manufacturers’ certifications — Does your selected roofer demonstrate mastery of a particular manufacturer’s product line, installing it so well the maker can back the work with extended warranties?
  • Industry affiliations — A roofer proud enough to join, for example, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) is telling competitors that quality matters and roofing standards are important
  • Consumer Groups — Getting a top rating from a consumer watchdog like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a coveted distinction, one any roofer will be proud to explain. How many non-rated roofers would care to explain why they do not meet tough standards?

Behind the Paper

More is revealed behind the papers, gold seals, and certification documents than just the dazzle of good reviews. A roofer must work hard to earn and maintain certifications and awards. Training is extensive and ongoing. Financial records are evaluated by outsiders, not the company accountant. Warranties demonstrate real money on the line.

A quality roofer will ensure roofing crews constantly receive updates, workshops, training in new techniques and equipment, and much more. Manufacturers are always experimenting with new installation methods, different formulations of roofing products, and repair methods. A well-trained crew is efficient and productive.

Look for a roofer who trusts work crews enough to invest in their educations because they will provide a solid product, reliable performance, and excellent customer service.

Look to Brad VanWeelden Company for consistent excellence in roof repair, replacement, and maintenance. Allow us to show you how we earned our many certifications and awards. Please contact us today.

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