Your home will be instantly uplifted with new windows. To transform a home, boost curb appeal, and increase energy efficiency, nothing beats new windows. Here are five ways to evaluate which windows are best for your Des Moines-area home.


Is the new window for your home’s front? A kitchen window, to bring in needed light or perhaps provide an indoor garden shelf? Maybe you need a tidy row of windows to form a window wall in the family room.

Give plenty of consideration also to the times of day sunlight might enter that side of your home.

Energy Star

The federal Energy Star program provides guidance on energy efficiency. A more efficient window, for a one-time investment, can return years of savings through lower fuel and electric bills.

Energy Star-labeled windows are available for every budget and window type.


Leading window manufacturers, such as the fine companies partnering with VanWeelden Company, offer strong warranties:

  • Pella
  • Weather Shield
  • Andersen
  • Gerkin
  • Velux

Avoid businesses who do not back their window products with warranties. If the window is well made, it will provide years of trouble-free, energy-saving service.


The list of choices in style is nearly endless: double-hung, casement, picture, awning, slider, bifold — all this is before we even explore mullion options and glazing.

Consider in which direction you would like the window to open. Do you need safety features, a particular material (vinyl, aluminum, wood, etc.), triple panes, or low maintenance?


Speak with your local window installer to get the true base cost of each window. Perhaps you need a custom-built window, or an unusual shape. Do not be shy to share your budget limitations with your window installer.

Windows cost more with every customized feature. Often, a professional window installer can point you toward a readymade option which fulfills most of your needs.

If unsure where to put your money, buy the sturdiest, highest quality window you can afford, concentrating on company reputation, construction, materials, and energy savings. Consider cosmetic details last.

You are probably buying windows once in your home’s life span, but the installer buys and installs windows every day. Turn to your local, reliable window installer for real guidance and honest answers.

Please contact VanWeelden Company so we can show you the many options in today’s modern, energy-efficient windows. We look forward to helping you see your home in a whole new light.