Most people do not associate their Des Moines homes’ roofs with the word “drama,” but with the right shingle design, your home can be a dramatic standout in your neighborhood. Whether you want to add curb appeal and stylish drama to your home, or prefer something to blend into the surroundings, you can find high style and practicality with the best shingles from top manufacturers.


TruDefinition Duration Shingles

Owens Corning (yes, the Pink Panther people) offers a high color-contrast shingle that also provides a steeply shadowed profile. If you want the vast expanse of your Des Moines home’s roof to have a bit of variety, this variegated shingle is for you. Because the colors vary from tab to tab, you get a wonderfully changing color within a narrow range, so it is both beautiful and tasteful.

Proper installation of this product is a must — in the hands of an inferior roofer, your shingles’ tonal transitions could look like a mistake. Depend on local, reliable residential roofers, like VanWeelden Company, for expert installation.

DaVinci Roofscapes

Polymers are stunningly versatile composite roof products. Because they can be molded into any desired shape, these DaVinci Roofscape materials can take on just about any look you want:

  • Multi-width slate
  • Wood shake
  • Bellaforté slate
  • Multi-width shake
  • Single-width slate
  • Fancy shake

Within each of these natural-appearing shapes, you get a great variety of earth-toned color options to either match your home or make a strong, distinctive statement.


If you are fortunate enough to have a Des Moines gem in Victorian, Greek Revival, Edwardian or French Provincial style, you want an EcoStar™ roof to crown your prize. Known for dramatic roofing products like Majestic Slate, Seneca Shake and Majestic Niagara Slate, this company’s products are visually powerful without being overwhelming. Conscientiously manufactured with recycled rubber and and plastics, these roofing materials are durable, flexible and color-rich.

Because of their innovative nature, only superior residential roofers, like the highly trained crews from VanWeelden Company, should be relied upon to install them correctly.

When you connect with us at the VanWeelden Company, you have access to the design expertise, long experience and many connections to the best shingles in the industry. Unlike many residential roofers, we can help during the planning phase for your residential re-roofing. We can guide your decision on shingle color, composition, tab type, profile depth and more. Contact us today!