Like it or not, we speak to our neighbors in nearly every purchase we make.

Do we give our business to local small businesses or big national chains? Do we buy cookies, gift wrap, and popcorn from door-to-door sales kids, helping to support worthwhile community programs? What about roofers? Do we select a local, reliable roofer based on that company’s community footprint?


Keeping a community vibrant and knit together is a must. Local businesses do their part by providing the goods and services a community needs to stay healthy, well-housed, and productive. Those same local businesses usually go beyond their own interests to give more of themselves.

Building a vibrant, local network of giving is a good signal to prospective clients that good, reliable people will be working on their homes’ roofs. Contrast that with the “roofer passing through” who hires day laborers outside the home improvement store and “trains” them on your roof. This won’t give you the kind of quality you expect from a roofer. The only motivation for that roofer seems to be money.

Giving Back

The local roofer with roots in the community recognizes the importance of giving back and helping neighbors. Any day, at any time, one of us could be in need of a helping hand. Working with a charitable roofer is a good way to show your support for the community.

Consider the people who get help in small and large ways by local businesses. Often they are the most innocent, most vulnerable members of our neighborhoods. Organizations like these are there for them:

Those young, impressionable neighbors are not static. They grow into adulthood, and we as a community can help them grow up to be helpful, contributing citizens giving back to Des Moines.

Local businesses, like your friendly, local roofer, recognize that giving back is a way to pay forward, to build strong communities and future customers.

When you need roof repair, roof maintenance or full roof replacement, the giving folks of VanWeelden Company hope you will contact us, because we pride ourselves on quality work delivered by local, skilled roofers. Our trained professionals take pride in excellent customer service, and in giving back to the Des Moines community.

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