Roofing is a competitive business. Some roofers rise (no pun intended) to the top, while others move on to other construction specialties.

Finding a good roofing contractor is not a matter of luck. You can do your homework before letting anyone work on your home.


You may not have the time or patience to interview all your neighbors, looking for the good word on local roofers. You can use the usual methods to uncover important information about contractors:

  1. Iowa’s Contractor Look-Up Service — Brad VanWeelden Company, for example, holds Iowa license #C100881
  2. Better Business Bureau — VanWeelden Company is rated A+
  3. Independent Rating Agencies like Guild Quality

You can also look at actual customer testimonials. Certainly any good business should have testimonials, and everyone realizes these are carefully selected from among the best comments. Imagine, though, stumbling across a roofer with no customer comments, with nobody willing to say something good about the roofer!

Consider how confident you would feel about your selected contractor with neighbors saying things like this:

  • If we ever need a roof repaired/reshingled or new gutters again in Des Moines area Brad VanWeelden Company will be our first choice.
  • The crew was very good at what they did. They cleaned up every night and kept the job site very clean.
  • Great experience with Brad Van Weelden Company! They were prompt from start to finish and did a great job with our new roof. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone!

From the Top

Any company — from roofing to plumbing to foundations to siding — is a reflection of its leaders. If the company founder tolerates sloppy work, poor customer service, or quick sales with no follow-up, then you will see that attitude reflected in the employees.

When you select a roofer, consider whose name and reputation is on the business. Brad VanWeelden, our company’s president, frames his philosophy this way: “We offer a product and experience that is beyond what most of our competitors can offer.” From the folks in the front office to the roofers on your Des Moines home, we show this spirit every day.

Please consider Brad VanWeelden Company for your residential roofing needs. We offer a product, trained crews, and customer service experience that are unbeatable. We have risen to the top of the Des Moines roofing business because we put our customers first. Connect with us today.

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