Just as a mild cold can turn into life-threatening pneumonia, a small roof leak can turn into fast-spreading mold. Prompt action and a trusted roofer are the surest answers to roof leaks and mold. 

Fast-Growing Mold

Unfortunately, exaggerated scare stories across media have made mold out to be some sort of sci-fi monster, intent on harming your home and family. In reality, mold spores are everywhere, all the time. Only when those spores have still air and damp surfaces (like from a leaky roof) will they propagate. 

When they do take hold due to a roof leak, mold spores spread quickly. Mold will start spreading within 48 hours of contact with damp surfaces, such as joists, insulation, or drywall inside your Iowa home. 

Within less than two weeks, mold spores could be setting up housekeeping on a lot of surfaces inside your home’s living space, but you still may not see them for another six days. Yuck!

Once you spot the tell-tale signs of green or black mold, the colony has moved past germination and is actively spreading. And then, yes, it is like some creepy sci-fi monster, though it has no knowledge of you, your home, or even what surfaces it is spreading across. 

Kill It

In those silly sci-fi movies, everyone always wants to kill the monster. But with mold in your home, you really do want to eradicate it. 

Start with a call to your trusted residential roofer to end the water leaks. Do this immediately, even before you call a mold remediation company. If you call the mold experts first but do not stop the water infiltration, expect more mold.

Unsure how to prevent mold in attic spaces and those dark crannies? Your roofer is your best ally. Your roofer can perform a careful inspection, outside and within your attic, to make certain the roof leak is repaired and the mold is gone. 

If you insist on removing mold yourself, wear plenty of protective gear. Black mold can cause serious illness, affecting the lungs and other soft tissues. Use water and detergent, not bleach, to gently wash away the mold. Paint over mold-marked surfaces with Kilz, which resists mold, say experts in the New York Times.

Please contact us at VanWeelden Company if you spot a roof leak needing quick, professional repair. The smallest leak can seriously damage your Des Moines-area home and your family’s health.