Despite easily disproven, outlandish theories about abiotic oil, for example, fossil fuels used to make fiberglass-asphalt shingles are limited resources. Recycling shingles is one great way the average homeowner can help conserve diminishing natural resources like oil. For every shingle returned to a recycling plant, a little less oil must be pumped from finite reserves buried deep underground. Any company whose crews earn their livings with their hands has an instinctive respect for the land, our resources, and our communities. Recycling the shingle scrap from reroofing continues that respect.


Metro Waste Authority

Admittedly, a single Des Moines home is not going to generate enough shingle waste from one reroofing job to make much of a dent in reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. But think of all the hundreds of new shingle roofs Des Moines homeowners contract for every year. If most of those jobs take the shingles from roofs and send them to Metro Waste Authority’s shingle recycling program, together we can make a huge difference:

  • We can reduce our need for foreign oil – Shingles are 40 percent asphalt; recycling shingles reduce the amount of imported oil used to make shingles
  • We will reduce what goes into our area’s two landfills, Metro Park East and Metro Park West – A shingle takes around 400 years to break down in a landfill
  • Nationally, more than 11 million tons of shingles end up in landfills yearly
  • We can reduce taxpayers’ cost of paving projects – Recycling helps local, state and federal governments lower road-building costs

VanWeelden Helps Out

If every Iowan does her or his part, the whole area and world will be a better place for our children. VanWeelden does its part, helping out in our communities by making recycling of shingle waste a top priority. We care about your home, the superior shingle installation job we do, and our resources. From start to finish, we keep a clean job site, recycle everything we can, and minimize waste from the new roof.

You can show you care about Des Moines and our planet. Feel the pride in your community by protecting the land, air and water. Connect with VanWeelden Company today to learn more about shingle recycling, planning for a new shingle roof, and our eco-friendly choices like “cool roofing” and skylights that can lower your electric bill.