If your home’s roof is due for replacement, choosing a shingle is one of the most important decisions you’ll face. There is a wide range of shingle roofing products on the market today, and weeding out the good from the bad and the ugly can seem like an overwhelming task. Here are some considerations to help you find the ideal shingle that stands out from the rest:

Shingle Type and Grade

Asphalt shingles are chosen by about 80 percent of American homeowners, and they come in two basic types: fiberglass and organic. Both are saturated and topped with asphalt and protective ceramic granules but feature a base mat made of either fiberglass or an organic material like recycled felt paper. There are different grades available in both types:

  • Three-tab or “strip” single-layer shingles are the least expensive option. They have a flat, linear appearance and a lifespan of 15-20 years.
  • Architectural shingles made from two or more layers offer greater protection and a longer lifespan of 20 or 30 years, as well as a contoured, dimensional look that’s more visually pleasing.
  • Most manufacturers offer multi-layer “laminate” architectural shingles that come in distinctive designer profiles. These are the thickest and longest-lasting asphalt shingles, and the most expensive too.

Composite shingles made from various polymers are a more recent offering. They’re designed to replicate natural slate or wood shakes with realistic textures and shading. Their higher price tag is offset by low maintenance requirements, exceptional longevity, and superb warranty coverage.

Durability and Toughness

As expected, higher-grade shingles are more durable and better able to withstand blistering sunshine as well as frigid winter temperatures, snow, and ice. Higher-priced shingles also offer other advantages likes better fire, impact and wind resistance and greater energy efficiency.

Style and Aesthetic

Shingles come in a wide array of styles and colors so it’s easy to find one that complements your home’s architectural style and coordinates with existing elements like the siding, trim and shutters. If you prefer the look of wood shakes, or slate or clay tiles, you can opt for a luxury laminate or composite product.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Simply put, better quality shingles have longer warranties. Manufacturers also offer optional 50-year or lifetime extended warranty coverage on high-end asphalt shingles when they’re installed by a factory-certified roofing contractor.

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