Weather forecasters always describe hail in sports terms: hail the size of golf balls, baseballs, or softballs. They might serve homeowners better by describing hail in the extent of possible roof damage: minor roof repair, major roof repair, or full roof replacement. 

Minor Roof Repair

If you ever wonder how hail damages your roof, consider terminal velocity. A ball of ice can hit your roof at roughly 118 miles per hour.

Depending on the size of the hail, this can leave a minor issue such as dents and dings in your gutters, shallow depressions on asphalt shingles, or increased granule loss. A shiny spot indicates granule loss, exposing the raw asphalt beneath. 

Minor roof repair means your local, reliable roofer replaces a few shingles here and there, inspects the underside of sheathing, and knocks a few dents out of the gutters. 

Never, ever venture out onto your own roof. A slippery, highly sloped roof is no place for an amateur. Let your helpful, local roofer handle the heights. Minor roof repair may only require a part of one day, with a crew of one or two trained technicians. 

Major Roof Repair

Major hail damage is marked by greatly increased granule loss on shingles, soft spots (like bruises) on the shingles, deep depressions, or possibly outright holes in the shingles. 

Major roof damage from hail can require replacement of gutters, pulling up extensive areas of shingles to replace torn underlayment and flashing, and reshingling large areas of the field (the flat, broad areas of your roof). 

Major roof repair for hail damage, which will probably exceed your deductible on your homeowners insurance, may take a few full days by a complete crew with equipment. Be sure to discuss everything with your insurance adjuster and roofer. 

Full Roof Replacement

Unfortunately, hail the size of softballs seldom does soft damage. The trained eye of a roofer’s representative can inspect your roof and determine when full roof replacement is needed.

More, the same helpful roofer can work with your insurance company to make the claims process and roofing work go smoothly. 

Extensive hail damage can also harm your sheathing, water and ice shield, drip edge, flashing, and ridge vents. 

After a storm, contact us for help with hail damage. VanWeelden Company can guide your decisions on spot repair, more thorough repair, or a full roof replacement.