Many hopeful inventors create solutions in answer to a problem.

Many make appearances on late-night television, where insomniacs or worried, sleepless homeowners see them, chuckle, and move on. If you are a Des Moines homeowner worried about your roof, you need the help of a company dedicated to solving real problems.

A Community Commitment

A good roofer puts down roots in the community. VanWeelden Company did that back in 1997, when the company founder, Brad VanWeelden, recognized a need in the local roofing market for his company’s services.

Des Moines has roofers. Des Moines has exterior siding companies. In 1997, our Des Moines neighbors did not have one company to turn to for all these services.

To this day, our exterior services company is fiercely dedicated to providing our community with superior workmanship, great customer service, and continued assistance after the project. Whether you need an annual inspection or a little touch-up, we are here to help.

More than Sales

VanWeelden Company is more than a sales center. You may be able to buy your own shingles at a big-box home improvement store, but do not expect the sale price to include installation. With your roofing project in the safe hands of VanWeelden, our expert roofers will help you select the right shingle line, color, texture, and integrated parts. Then we will professionally install it, and follow up with excellent customer service.

Always Growing

VanWeelden is always responding to the community’s call for more services, more products, and better options. Because we strive to be better every year, we are here, year after year. We survey our customers. We train our employees. We give back to the community.

You can find VanWeelden representatives at all the local home shows, sure, but you will also find us out at trade conferences and training workshops. We are always seeking to bring new products to you, our Des Moines customers.

Here Today, Here Tomorrow

Three traits set VanWeelden above the competition.

  • Customer service — We are never satisfied until you are satisfied
  • Quality — From installation to repair, we do it best
  • Staying power — Here since 1997; staying here for years to come

The local, dependable roofer ready to fill a need for your roof repair, replacement or maintenance is VanWeelden Company. Contact us today!

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