Own a home and never be bored. Inside, you worry over heating systems, plumbing, and the perfect shade of jewel box ocher paint for your guest room. Keeping up your home’s beautiful outside often means professional exterior painting.

Why Exterior Painting?

Your home protects your family and your possessions from the worst weather. It does this by taking the brunt of wind, rain, snow, and ice. That weathering literally wears away paint, turns smooth surfaces to rough, and allows rust to find a foothold in outdoor metal.

The answer is the same for all those issues: exterior painting. In the hands of highly professional house painters, your Des Moines home’s exterior can sparkle and shine again.

Consider all the surfaces which will benefit from conscientious stripping, sanding, priming, and painting:

  • Wood molding and trim
  • Plastic and wooden shutters
  • Porch roofs
  • Columns and pilasters
  • Siding
  • Window exteriors
  • Metal railings
  • Entryways

Boost curb appeal and preserve home value by hiring local, trusted contractors to handle all your exterior painting needs. Refresh your trim with updated, modern color schemes. Stop rust from taking porch railings or destroying lamp posts along a walkway. Say goodbye to peeling paint, sad looking shutters, or dowdy doors.

Steps to Exterior Painting

Many do-it-yourselfers hope to equal the results of professional painters but always fall short.

The pros know: surface preparation is everything in exterior painting.
Most amateurs do not want to put in the long hours of hard work needed to scrape away old paint, wash and clean surfaces, patch rotten wood or insect damage, apply primer, and then apply creamy coats of finished color.
The pros know: good exterior painting is 90 percent surface preparation and 10 percent paint.

Should I Paint My Siding?

Siding is a visually large part of your home’s exterior. Most people do not realize many types of siding are paintable:

  • Consider durable, practical James Hardie siding; after 10 or more years of steady service, can benefit from a fresh coat of paint
  • Aluminum and wooden siding can be painted in stunning color combinations that make your house pop
  • T111 vertical siding is an ideal surface for painting
  • Vinyl siding can be recoated by trained professional painters to brighten your home and lift your spirits

VanWeelden Company knows houses, and paint, too! Contact us today to let us show you what delights we can deliver to your Des Moines home.