What do you do when you are a successful business growing out of your original office space? You move, sure, but you do not lose a single step in your stride. You keep your customers happy, you provide the same level of excellent service. You continue to get every job done, on time and well.

Grand Opening?

VanWeelden Company has moved. If you have ever moved from one Des Moines home to another, you know a bit what such an experience is like. Except you would need to double — or more realistically, quadruple — the amount of boxes, furnishings, and so on.

Moving a business is not exactly like moving a houseful of furniture. We had an office and a warehouse. We had rolls of underlayment, and file cabinets, and shingles, and a coffee maker, and extension ladders, and …

You get the idea. A move is a big deal when you finally realize you are just too big for your current headquarters. So, do we throw a Grand Opening to celebrate? Nah! We have too many commitments to too many fine customers to stand around sipping punch and throwing confetti.

Bigger, Better

Our new location is easier for you, our faithful Des Moines customers, to access. Once you reach our new property, you will find a new, large showroom so you can come in and see roofing products. See the real colors. Feel the heft of architectural shingles. Compare metal roofing to asphalt shingles.

We did reserve a few improvements for ourselves. We have a larger warehouse, making our job easier to keep in stock all the products customers want. We can get specialty items out to you faster. We can keep in stock all the most popular styles and colors of items.


Balancing the needs of our growing business with the rightful demands of our customers has always been a primary goal for VanWeelden Company. The move went very smoothly, we are happy to report. For our clients, the important issue is no customer lost a day of roofing work due to our move.

We had to work a bit more, but anything truly worthwhile is worth a bit of work. We invite you to come in and check out our new showroom at 305 NW 48th Place in Des Moines. Meet the fine folks who get the job done and take a look at all we offer. Contact us today to learn more!

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