Fiber Cement Shingles

Smart homeowners are always seeking ways to protect their investment, boost its resale value, maintain its curb appeal, or increase living comfort. One remodeling project — having beautiful, durable fiber cement siding installed — achieves all of that and more.

Bad News?

You may have heard talk which disparages fiber cement siding. Without evidence, many people question it.

  • I don’t think that stuff is good for you. Does fiber cement siding contain asbestos?
  • A friend of mine says you have to live with the color because it’s cooked in. Can fiber cement siding be painted?
  • We get a lot of rain around here. Does fiber cement siding absorb water? Can fiber cement siding rot?
  • Hot summers and cold winters mean trouble; does fiber cement siding expand and contract in heat and cold?

Fortunately, none of this “bad” news is true! Fiber cement siding contains no asbestos (only sand, cement and wood fibers), it can be painted, it does not absorb water or rot, and it barely budges under heat and cold!

Home Value

Before investing in new siding, you would be wise to ask yourself, “Does fiber cement siding increase home value?” No less an authority than Angie’s List points out the curb value boost and resale value increase which fiber cement siding provides.
Not only does fresh siding catch potential buyers’ eyes, but a well-installed fiber cement siding job also integrates and unifies the whole house. It gives a facelift to a potentially outdated house and sets your house apart if you live in a development with typical “flip and turn the blueprint” cookie-cutter houses.
Another source, Cost Versus Value, puts siding replacement in the top five values for recouping investment costs for 2018, coming in at 76.7 percent of costs recovered at resale.

Exceptional Properties

Exceptional properties can be spruced up even more thanks to the exceptional properties of fiber cement siding. Unlike wood siding, fiber cement siding does not rot, does not absorb moisture, and reacts minimally to temperature changes.
In addition, fiber cement siding:

  • Contains no asbestos or harmful chemicals
  • Can be painted with minimal surface preparation
  • Resists fire
  • Is impenetrable to termites

Nice Finish!

Fiber cement siding is manufactured in carefully controlled environments. The finish is applied in the factory, so the quality of the final surface can be consistently high. James Hardie fiber cement siding finish is sprayed on in multiple coats, with industrial ovens curing each coat before another is applied. The paint resists chipping, peeling and cracking.

James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology resists fading and looks good for longer than most homeowners can achieve with wood or vinyl siding.
When needed, many years down the road, fiber cement siding can be repainted at lower overall cost than wood siding, since less surface preparation is required.

Green Solutions

The environmental consciousness of our nation has slowly awakened over the past decades. For homeowners seeking environmentally “green” remodeling solutions, fiber cement siding is a superior choice.
Made from completely natural materials (sand, cellulose, cement), the siding is also cost-effective. It lasts extremely long, continuing to look good (and readily accepts easy repainting) years after wood siding has rotted, become home to insects, or fallen from your home completely.
Mother Earth News points out other environmentally friendly qualities which also add to your financial security:

  • It reduces maintenance costs
  • It requires homeowners to use fewer chemicals and cleaners to maintain it
  • It is less likely than other siding materials to end up in a landfill, as it will degrade naturally back into sand, wood fiber, and cement
  • It reuses otherwise cast-off material (cellulose wood fiber) as one of its principal ingredients

Perfect Partners

Protecting your home’s value is not simply a matter of picking durable, attractive fiber cement siding. You need it expertly installed. You need to select a siding installer with experience in producing superb, professional finished products.
VanWeelden Company has the experience, well-trained crews, and the right equipment to give your home the beautiful transformation it deserves. Fiber cement siding installed by our crews will show off your home to its absolute best advantage.
VanWeelden Company is a James Hardie® Elite Preferred Remodeler. Our crews can install maintenance-free HardiePlank® Lap Siding, HardieShingle® Siding, HardiePanel® Vertical Siding, HardieTrim®, and Hardie soffit. The whole fiber cement project integrates beautifully, with trim, siding and soffits all complementing each other.
For high-quality, custom installation of fiber cement siding, please contact us at Brad VanWeelden Company. We can provide personalized information about fiber cement siding, evaluate your home’s current siding, and provide an estimate that will not only be cost-effective but will help you retain your home’s value. Investing in high-quality, expertly installed fiber cement siding is a smart move for any homeowner.

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