Heads I win, tails you lose. It’s an old trick older brothers and sisters play on younger siblings. Should I call a roofer or my insurance company after a storm? Drawing a difference between similar things may be child’s play, but when you are dealing with a damaged roof, you have a lot at stake: call your roofer or your insurer? Call both!

Insurance First

Your priority when dealing with storm damage to your roof is to preserve your home and safeguard your family. Call the insurance company’s 24-hour hotline to report damage and start the claims process. 

While you will do well to know ahead of time what is covered and what is your responsibility, your claims agent can review your policy to help you learn what damage is covered. The agent can also go over your deductible. 

Most claims are straightforward: Snow, ice, high winds, or heavy rains have damaged your roof. All damage to your dwelling stemming from that weather is covered, usually, including damage to the interior from water leaks or, say, a fallen tree. 

Roofer Second

When we say call your reliable roofer second, we mean as soon as you hang up with a claims agent. Claims adjusters visiting your home carry no hammers, tarps, and nails. They work with your roofer to expedite necessary repairs. Your roofer does the actual roof repair. 

Your local roofer will inspect the damage and work with the insurance adjuster to determine an estimate for repairs or full roof replacement. Your roofer can also put a stop to further damage by putting tarps on your roof, clearing debris, and stopping water leaks. 

Not to Be Ignored

No roof heals itself. An ignored, damaged roof is dangerous. A small water leak can lead to a ruinous flood if you do not get a professional roofer’s help ASAP. 

Water infiltration is insidious. It leads to mold and mildew, ruins furniture and personal possessions, and can rot the very rafters and joists of your Iowa home. 

Storm Chasers

Avoid storm chasers with no local address and no permanent work crews. They do subpar work to get the initial insurance money, leaving you with a shoddy repair job and more damage to come. Rely instead on your local, friendly roofer. 

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