3 Warning Signs that it's Time to Replace Your Roof

Although the last thing you’ll want to do is replace your roof — replacing a roof can be inconvenient not to mention expensive. It’s not something you’ll want to put off if it has to be done. A roof that needs to be replaced is often more vulnerable to serious damage or has already experienced serious damage, meaning that it could present a safety risk. Keeping that in mind, the following are three sure signs your roof needs to be replaced:

1. Your shingles are visibly damaged or worn out

If your shingles are curling or buckling, it means they likely need to be replaced. Shingles damaged in such a way are more likely to be blown off, leaving the underlayment below vulnerable to potential water damage and leaks. You should also have your gutters checked for granules. Shingles that are beginning to lose their granules will need to be replaced.

2. Your roof is experiencing serious leaks

You can identify leaks in a number of ways. First of all, you might be able to see water stains on your ceilings after it has rained. This can indicate a serious leak. You may be able to spot leaks in your attic during heavy rainfall as well. If it’s not raining, you can head up to your attic on a particularly sunny day and look for spots in the roof where sunlight is penetrating through.

3. Your roof has exceeded its expected lifespan

Depending on the quality of the roof and the quality of the installation, most older roofs were designed to last around 20-25  years. If your roof is this old, then it’s time to have it replaced. At this point, it will only become more vulnerable to damage as it gets older.

These are three warning signs that indicate you need to have your roof replaced. Besides keeping an eye out for any signs of roof damage yourself, you should consider scheduling a professional roof inspection at least once a year. A professional contractor will be able to identify signs of damage that you may not have noticed. Many issues revealed during an inspection can be repaired, thereby preventing them from becoming major problems that could require roof replacement. To schedule a roof inspection or a roof replacement, contact us at VanWeelden Company today.