You see little labels on contractor websites all the time for manufacturers’ designated programs of excellence, but what do they really mean? When you see the James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor label, you see your guarantee of getting the highest quality installation for your Iowa home. 


Using a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor ensures a level of expertise and experience that will result in a flawless siding installation

Earning the label of James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor is not automatic. No company buys the badge. It is earned, through seven important criteria:

  1. Compliance with Installation Best Practices — Best practices means current methodology, an eye on safety, using the right equipment, and keeping crews trained
  2. Professional Sales Approach — The James Hardie company rejects siding contractors who use pushy, dishonest, or unprofessional sales tactics
  3. Satisfactory credit report — James Hardie cannot afford to connect with fly-by-night operators, so a good business record and strong financial history are essential
  4. State Licensed — Where applicable, every Elite Preferred contractor will hold a license to operate as a contractor
  5. Liability insurance $1,000,000 per occurrence — Residential homeowners are protected from expensive lawsuits 
  6. Worker’s Compensation Insurance — Where applicable, contractor employees and residential homeowners are protected
  7. Satisfactory background check with at least six previous clients — A siding contractor cannot invent references; James Hardie checks every customer name to ensure complete customer satisfaction


To remain a Jamies Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor, a company must keep its installers current on best practices. This means many hours of training every year, honing skills and learning about the latest installation innovations. 

Crews receive training on-site, through James Hardie siding installation specialists who travel the land, offering education, tips, and assistance to installers. 

In addition, each contractor keeps crewmembers’ skills honed through company training in equipment, best practices, new techniques, and innovative products. 

Customer Service

Do you like leaving voicemail messages? Do you enjoy being ignored? Honestly, some roofing contractors seem to have skewed views on what customers want. At VanWeelden Company we take seriously our commitment to impeccable customer service. You are entrusting us with your home and siding, so we need to be ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. 

What does a focus on customer service look like and sound like? We respond to calls and messages promptly. We provide honest answers. We ask you about your concerns throughout the siding remodeling process. We monitor the job constantly, ensuring you are happy with the results. 

How does James Hardie and your local contractor know customers approve of the work done? To be an Elite Preferred contractor, customers to use GuildQuality, a third-party, independent customer satisfaction survey service. The survey is submitted electronically after the job is done. 

How well does VanWeelden Company stack up against other companies? For starters, only 10 contractors in Iowa are recognized as James Hardie Elite Preferred contractors. How many do you think have earned a recommendation rate of 100 percent

Only one. Only VanWeelden Company. Based on 283 customer surveys, 100 percent of our siding clients would recommend us to neighbors, family members, and friends. 100 percent. 

Added Value

The distinguished group of companies installing James Hardie siding as part of the Elite Preferred contractor program earn their credentials through evidence:

  • 100 Percent Badge — The contractor installs America’s #1 brand of siding and trim, without mixing in inferior products from lesser companies
  • Design Excellence Badge — The siding installer excels at installing a wide range of James Hardie product profiles, providing you many design options when planning your remodeling project
  • Superior Finish Badge — Your siding company excels at installing all James Hardie colors, providing you superior performance and durability while matching your design style
  • Commitment to Excellence Badge — You selected siding contractor is committed to excellence, has completed the annual training program offered by James Hardie for general installation requirements, and has reviewed current best practices
  • Homeowner Recommended Badge — The siding company you selected earned the highest level of homeowner recommendations based on customer satisfaction data from GuildQuality, the industry leader in third-party surveys
  • Longevity Badge — The siding contractor working on your house has worked for many years, partnering with James Hardie to provide stability and dependability to customers

In addition to the added value of the Elite Preferred contractor, with James Hardie siding you get energy savings through insulated siding options, durability, colorfast formulas, and superior warranties. 

Along with practical protections, you also have a stunning array of color choices, profiles and textures, and design options when you use James Hardie siding. 

When choosing between siding contractors, consider VanWeelden Company. We invite you to compare our people, products, and service to any other contractor. As a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor, we can offer you superior service, siding, and skills that others cannot. Contact us today!