Composite roofing exists on roughly 85% of the homes in the region and there are a number of reasons for it. It comes with benefits right away, but they also have long-term benefits as well. You need a good mixture of both in order to get the roof your home needs. Here are some of the long-term benefits composite roofing can bring to a home.

1. Their Long Lifespan

Composite roofing can last for up to 50 years, depending on their manufacturer and maintenance. If you want a roof that will last and then last some more, it’s a good option for the immediate and long-term future.

2. Their Cost

Cost will determine a lot upfront, but it can also cause long-term benefits. Composite roofing is more cost-effective right away and it also needs less repair in the future, which means it will cost less down the road as well. Add to that the fact that the roof can last 50 years and you lower the long-term replacement costs as well.

3. Energy Efficiency

Any time you do something to your home, you want it to take a positive step toward energy efficiency and you can have that with composite roofing. This roofing shields homes from UV rays and can decrease your energy costs and utility bills over the years. It also prevents growth of algae, fungus, and mold, which further protects your home’s health.

4. Easy Maintenance and Aesthetics

Composite roofing doesn’t take much maintenance, which makes it all that much more cost-effective. And even though you do very little to it, it will look nice for its decades-long lifespan. You can get just about any color and style you can imagine as well.


If you are ready to look into composite roofing systems for your home, contact Van Weelden Company of Des Moines, Iowa. We are committed to our customer service and have the skilled workmanship you need to get a reliable repair or replacement. We know Iowa’s weather patterns and we can help you choose the right roofing material to help you get through the cold winters and warm summers with more comfort in your home. Give us a call and we’ll go through all of the details of composite roofing to see if it’s the right fit to meet your goals.

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