How long does fiber cement siding last? Will it outlast vinyl, wood, or metal siding? Will it need constant attention, cleaning, and repainting? As you consider new siding for your Des Moines-area home, many questions naturally arise. Let’s focus first on fiber cement siding’s astounding longevity. 


A person surviving 50 years on this good green earth can take on the label of quinquagenarian. Sure, saying “semi century” is easier, but you will definitely get people’s attention when you say, “As a quinquagenarian, I’ve gained a lot of wisdom about home improvement projects.” 

Your fiber cement siding, applied this year, will easily reach its own 50-year mark. Your home of 2072 may look vastly different inside, but outside, the fiber cement siding will still look great!

And, you need not fuss over it the way you might with vinyl siding (and definitely must with wood siding). 

Your Des Moines-area home can witness the semicentennial of sturdy, durable fiber cement siding because the material is so strong, resilient, and impenetrable. 

Built to Last

Fiber cement siding is a human-made material whose manufacturing steps are carefully controlled to produce a nearly flawless product. Using only a few ingredients (silica sand, cellulose, Portland cement, water, and some proprietary additives), James Hardie creates a soupy mix and then:

  • Squeezes it
  • Shapes it
  • Cuts it
  • Bakes it
  • Paints it
  • Bakes it again

Out comes perfectly formed fiber cement siding, in your choice of long-lasting color, ready to be professionally applied to your home. 

The first panel will exactly match the 1,000th panel in size, color, and texture. Every part of your Des Moines-area home’s exterior will gleam with its new siding expertly installed by skilled technicians. And it will look great for at least five decades!

Fiber cement siding is so durable because those simple ingredients combine to make a product that is:

  • Rot-resistant
  • Resilient against blunt impacts
  • Water-resistant
  • Unappetizing to insects, rodents, and birds
  • Fire-resistant

Fiber cement siding only needs an occasional cleaning with a garden hose and soft-bristle brush. No more scrubbing, scraping, priming, or repainting. No worries about sagging vinyl siding, warped wood siding, or dented metal siding. 

Of course, twice-yearly cleaning and regular inspection can add years of life to a product already able to reach a half-century of useful service. 

Contact us today at VanWeelden Company. We will be happy to provide more information about fiber cement siding, its unique benefits, and its fantastic durability.