Quick — which do Des Moines homeowners get more of annually, rain or snow? It is a bit of a trick question, because, according to U.S. Climate Data, our Iowa homes are pounded by almost identical amounts: 35 inches of snow and 36 inches of rain annually.

Autumn Rains

In autumn and spring, all that rain means clogged gutters. Gutters are the lifeline to your roof’s longevity. Gutters carry all the rooftop water away from roof, walls and foundation. Clogs can back up and flow over the rear of the gutters, damaging your fascia. This allows water to infiltrate between exterior and interior walls. A cascade of damage can follow faulty gutters:

Insects and vermin can intrude through rotted fascia trim
Mold and mildew can start to grow where water or moisture builds up, between walls or in your attic
Damp attic and wall insulation loses its R-value, driving up energy costs

Your solution to troublesome gutters is to get them expertly serviced or replaced by local residential roofers, so that water runs off your roof, into downspouts and away from your home’s foundation, preventing subsurface cracks and weakness.

Winter Woes

The heavy rains of late summer and autumn yield to the driving snows of winter, and with snow comes freezing temperatures. Ice dams can form, running up against the force of gravity to freeze beneath shingles. This shortens the life of not only your shingles but other roof elements:

Radiant barrier

An excellent solution to protect your Des Moines-area home’s roof is to have water and ice shield installed. This self-adhesive material fights ice dams and winter’s worst woes far better than underlayment. Expertly installed by one of the area’s best local residential roofers, VanWeelden Company, water and ice shield is that ounce of prevention your roof needs.

Prove Your Mettle

The third priority action is roof replacement with long-lasting metal roofing. This is an investment in an energy-efficient, lifetime roof. Of the three priority actions, this adds curb appeal and resale value to your Des Moines home. VanWeelden Company is unmatched among residential roofers in our ability to bring to you a superior metal roof product, installation, and customer service before, during and after the project.
Please contact us at VanWeelden Company before your home is once again at the mercy of Iowa’s worst weather. Your roof will thank you, and so will we!

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