If it’s time to replace the gutters on your Des Moines home, you may be tempted to either tackle the job yourself or hire a handyman who’ll do the work inexpensively. This can backfire and end up costing you more in property damage, so it’s wiser to hire a pro who understands all about proper gutter installation.

Why Quality Installation Matters

Gutters are designed to capture and carry away rain and snow melt to protect your home from water damage. However, it takes skill and experience to install a gutter system so it functions as intended. If the installation isn’t done right, you’ll see the effects in various ways like:

  • Foundation cracks, soil erosion and landscaping damage
  • Siding deterioration
  • Driveway and sidewalk settling and cracking
  • Roof and fascia degradation and decay
  • Attic, exterior wall and/or basement damage due to water intrusions

What’s Involved in Proper Gutter Installation?

Here are a few of the skilled installation techniques that help ensure your gutter system performs well:

  • Accurate pitch calculation. Once they’re up on the fascia, your gutters might look even, but that’s an illusion. The gutter channels are carefully pitched or sloped slightly using a level so that water flows toward the downspouts. A specific amount of slope is needed based on the length, and it takes experience to get it just right so water doesn’t pool or back up.
  • Correct bracket or hanger spacing. Gutters are attached to the fascia with different types of mounting brackets or hangers. Whichever type is used, a pro knows how to space them correctly to fully support the gutter channels and prevent them from sagging and becoming ineffective.
  • Drip edge installation. When water comes off a roof, most is sent over the edge, but some gets drawn back underneath due to a phenomenon called capillary action. To counteract this effect and keep water from running down your fascia and siding, an experienced installer will recommend placing drip edge under the first course of the roof shingles.
  • Seamless construction. The gutters you’ll find in most home improvement centers come in sections that are joined with snap-together connectors to make installation easier. All these joints are weak spots that will eventually start to leak. If you opt for professional installation, you can choose seamless gutters that are custom sized and fabricated so they stay watertight.

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