Knowing when to replace doors on your Des Moines-area home is essential for sustaining your home’s security, curb appeal, and resale value. When visitors and guests arrive at your house, the front door is their first opportunity to see, close up, how well you maintain your home. Replacing exterior doors is as much about energy efficiency, security, and pride as it is about style and good looks. 

Reasons to Replace

You have many reasons to replace exterior doors and to have the work done expertly and professionally by an exterior contractor. Consider: 

  1. Looks — Are your existing doors aged, weathered, or damaged? Do they force guests and visitors to awkwardly overlook their defects? 
  2. Security — Do exterior door locks work smoothly and reliably? Could the wrong people simply push hard against your exterior doors and make their way into your home? Can children and the elderly quickly exit your doors in emergencies
  3. Pride — Your front entryway is the introduction to your pride and joy, your Des Moines-area home; you want your home to look well maintained and properly cared for
  4. Age — Homes settle; doors go out of alignment; exterior molding rots (no material lasts forever)
  5. Energy Efficiency — Feeling drafts? Poor insulation or deteriorated weatherstripping could be the cause
  6. Home Value — Exterior doors and entry door replacements recover 64.2 percent of their costs at resale in our region, according to Cost Vs. Value
  7. Selling Trends — Outdated door designs or tired and faded colors can dampen buyer enthusiasm

Done Right

Exterior doors are, at their heart, security for your home. You cannot afford to take chances on poor or faulty installation when replacing them. Turn to trained professionals by contacting a local, reliable exterior services contractor. 

Getting the job done right means choosing an experienced exterior contractor familiar with insulation, weatherstripping, fitting locks, and cutting and installing trim. Your old door may be hiding substantial structural problems, such as rot around the roughed-up framing or verticals which have gone out of plumb. Only knowledgeable technicians from a nearby exterior services contractor can provide you with the peace of mind you need in replacing exterior doors.

Please connect with us today at VanWeelden Company in Des Moines. We look forward to helping you boost your home’s curb appeal, security, and resale value with a new front entryway and durable exterior doors.