How will you know when your roof is damaged? Among the top causes of roof damage, these five rank high.

1. Installation

Installation errors set the impending disaster in motion. Misnailed sheathing, untacked underlayment, misaligned starter rows of shingles, and uncaulked flashing are all installation errors which lead to roof failure.

Never, ever attempt to inspect your roof by walking on it. Instead, insist on a final inspection by the installing roofer, including documentation with photographs, a scope of work, and manufacturer’s warranty.

You can also avoid installation incompetence by insisting on reliable, local roofers who will provide customer testimonials and perform callbacks if necessary.

2. Storms

Wind, rain, show, ice, and hail can damage residential roofs of all types — tile, metal, and shingle — by tearing off vital roof pieces, pushing water uphill against gravity (and into your attic) and weakening roofing components.

Storm damage could be invisible. It will, though, shorten your roof’s life span and may cause water leaks.

3. Gutters

Old, clogged, bent, bad, or damaged gutters are a roofing problem. Why? Water shed by your roof has to go through the gutters and away from your foundation. If your gutters are failing, your roof and foundations are failing.

A residential roofer will replace rotted fascia boards, repair or replace gutters, and get the water flowing correctly.

4. Visitors

Unwelcome winged and four-footed visitors can chew through just about anything that protects your home, including roof layers. Opportunists find tiny openings and squeeze in to take advantage of the relative warmth and dryness of your attic.

Insects, rodents, and larger critters can do fast, terrible damage. Work with your local exterminator and follow up with your friendly residential roofer to put an end to animal invasions.

5. Neglect

A neglected roof is a failing roof. Poor maintenance shortens the lifespan of a residential roof more often than any other cause. From rotting fascia boards to leaking ridge vents, every component of your roof needs annual or semiannual inspection and maintenance.

Your local roofer is your ally in stopping roof damage. If you have moved into a home with a neglected roof, your residential roofing contractor can inspect, repair, or replace that roof.

You can avoid all major causes of residential roof damage by partnering with Iowa’s own VanWeelden Company. Contact us today so we can diagnose your roof’s health and provide you with a plan to minimize future damage.