“They” say to replace your toothbrush every three months.”They” say a lot of things. What do “they” say about how often roof replacement should be on your To-Do list? 


If you, the current homeowner, replaced your Iowa home’s roof, you are unlikely to need to replace it within the next decade or so. Whether you have a sturdy shingle roof, durable metal roof, or tough tile roof, your roof will last 20 years or longer. 

Modern roofing materials can withstand a lot of punishment and still provide many years of worry-free service. To preserve value, wise homeowners follow up their investment in new roof replacement by tapping the local, dependable roofer for annual inspection, spot repair, and routine maintenance. 


If you bought an existing home and have no records of when the last roof replacement happened, you may be stumped about the need for a new roof. Roofs can be hard to judge, at least for amateurs and homeowners. 

Your local roofer can offer a professional opinion about your roof’s condition and help you understand all the factors aging a roof:

  • Prevailing weather patterns
  • If the house was unoccupied for any length of time before you moved in
  • Dominant wind direction
  • Overhanging trees
  • A history of insect or animal pests setting up housekeeping in the attic
  • Maintenance and repair on the existing roof material
  • Condition of underlayment, sheathing, and even your home’s roof rafters and insulation


The best answer to your problem is to replace your roof as often as you need. To find out how often roof replacement is needed, have a friendly chat with your roofer

Your local roofer can inspect the roof and give you a sense of the wear and tear it has survived. Nobody can predict the future, but your reliable roofer is in the best position to provide you with a rough idea of your roof’s life span. 

Many homeowners worry the roofer will leap to roof replacement in the first discussion. Not true! Most roofers want loyal customers, not one-off sales. A repair program and annual visits may be the perfect, economical solution for your Iowa home’s roof.

And if you and your roofer agree a new roof is needed, you are ideally positioned to get your new roof on your schedule, within your budget. Contact us at VanWeelden Company today to learn more about our roof maintenance, repair, and replacement services.