The average value of a Des Moines home is $117,800, according to Data USA. Protecting that investment starts at the roofline. Yes, you need to keep your foundations dry and free of cracks, you need windproof siding and sturdy windows, but the roof shelters your entire house. If your house is 20+ years old, 2018 may be the New Year for a new roof.

New Roof Now

2018 is a great time to consider and plan for a new roof. Residential roofers actually work all year round, not just in the spring and summer. And even if you do not want hammers to swing amid February snowstorms, you and your choice of residential roofer can select the perfect roofing material, arrange financing, and set up an installation schedule, ready to go when the last snow melts.

2018 is an excellent time to get one of Des Moines’ best residential roofers (such as VanWeelden Company) to replace your roof because we can provide a free, on-site inspection and no-obligation estimate almost immediately, giving you ample time to plan for the roof replacement.

The first few months of 2018 are also a great time to get roof replacement services from superior residential roofers (such as VanWeelden) because our track record of 20 years in the business means we are well established and in high demand. Getting your project into our timeline early in the year means you lock in a schedule that makes you, our loyal customer, a priority.

How Much Longer?

How long, honestly, can your current roof last? Asphalt shingles have a typical life span of less than 20 years. Fiberglass-asphalt composites last slightly longer. With careful repair you might eke out another five years with either product.

Still, with typical Des Moines snowfalls of around 33 inches (according to Sperling’s Best Places) and plenty of freezing weather ahead, how long before your Des Moines roof starts to leak, show signs of age, and fail?

The best way to gauge the time for roof replacement is through an on-site inspection from on of Des Moines’ most professional residential roofers. A skilled representative can determine whether roof replacement or repair would be most economical.

The year 2018 could be the best time for a new roof. Contact VanWeelden Company today to schedule an appointment and inspection.

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