Your roofer’s written estimate for roof replacement costs may seem like a flimsy piece of paper, but the document requires a lot of building. Today, you can get a sense of how to estimate roof replacement cost for yourself, with these eight features. 

1 — Your Roof’s Current Condition

The written estimate should reflect a careful inspection of your roof’s flaws and problems. Roof replacement starts from the rafters up so expect to read about your sheathing, those rafters, and whatever the top layer is (tile, metal, shingles). 

2 — Size

Residential roofs are measured in square feet, but their size is always larger than your home’s footprint. Roofs pitch, or angle upwards, to shed water, so the angled planes of the roof are larger than the horizontal floor plan. The more square footage, the more materials needed to cover it. 

3 — Your Choice

Your selection of roofing material, color, style, and quality influence roof replacement cost. Your roofer will recommend products but you ultimately choose each feature:

  • Flashing thickness (thicker is better)
  • Ventilation
  • Organic or synthetic underlayment
  • Water and ice shield

4 — Warranty

Roof materials manufacturers offer warranties of varying levels. The more you pay, the stronger and longer the warranty. Always invest in the best warranty you can afford

5 — Schedule

Spring and summer are busy times for roofers. You may be facing a crowded field of clients. Full roof replacement could be less expensive in fallow periods, like late winter or late autumn. 

6 — Financing

Your total cost may include financing fees if you borrow from a local lender. Many homeowners try to save as much as possible ahead of roof replacement, to keep costs low. Some roofers offer discounts for cash. 

7 — Sheathing

Read your roofer’s written estimate carefully. Most roofers provide a specific number of sheathing sheets in the price, with an additional charge per sheet if more sheathing must be replaced. Unexpected issues (mold, rot) can affect the final roof replacement cost. 

8 — Carting

The written estimate should specify carting costs of the old roof. If that does not appear as a line item, question it or be prepared to pay more for the service upon completion of your roof.

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