Roof replacement is something that is going to come up for every homeowner if they live in their home long enough.

When you have to get roof replacement done, you may as well think through the details in order to have everything in place to do the best possible job for your house. Des Moines has a lot of different weather elements in play throughout the year and the roof takes a heavy hit throughout the seasons. Roof ventilation systems that include louvers are something to consider during the roof replacement process.

Using Louvers as Ventilators

Ventilation systems were developed in the roofing industry for a variety of reasons. Many shingle manufacturers require proper venting to keep their warranties on the products. Louvers can do a number of things like remove hot air during warm weather (which can shorten the life of the roof if it stays in place), combat ice dams that form when snow melts on the roof, and prevent condensation build-up on the bottom side of the roof decking.
If you’ve ever been on a roof in the hot Iowa summer months, you know hot and steamy it gets. Louvers create air flow that brings the heat down, which keeps the shingles in better shape for much longer.

Louvers Keep The Balance

Ice dams are something that any Iowa homeowner is going to have to think about. When snow melts, the water will reach the lower part of the roof. If the roof isn’t warm enough, it’ll freeze again and then form the ice dam. When the roof is ventilated correctly with louvers, the attic is kept at a consistent temperature to the eaves, and snowmelt will not refreeze at the edge.
Condensation can also cause serious issues that can render your insulation ineffective. The air needs to keep moving on the underside of the roof and balance the air temperatures, a process that louvers assist with as well.

If you’re ready to get your roof replacement done by professionals who know all about Iowa climates and roofing, contact VanWeelden Company for help. We can talk to you about louvers and how they would be good for your roof replacement needs. We can also go over every aspect of roof replacement to make sure you’re comfortable with the roof replacement process from start to finish.