So much of life seems driven by choices: plastic versus paper; regular vs. high octane; roof replacement vs. repair. Many municipalities ban plastic bags, taking that decision out of your hands. Most cars can operate well on regular (and less expensive!) gasoline. But with roof repair versus complete roof replacement, you need an expert’s input. 

Five Factors

We can readily point to five factors you need to consider when choosing between a roof repair and a complete roof replacement. Every factor should be discussed with a local, reliable roofer. 

  1. The existing roof’s original installation—Your Des Moines-area home’s roof may have been put down some 20 years ago or only five; was it installed correctly by a knowledgeable roofer? Or does it have deficiencies that repairs cannot correct?
  2. The materials on your roof—That original roof may have been installed using premium materials or the least expensive (dare we say cheap?) roofing products. Higher quality materials last longer. If your roof lacks quality products, repairs may not return much on your investment.
  3. The existing roof’s age—You may have inherited a roof and not know its history, but your neighborhood residential roofer can do some detective work and calculate its approximate age. Younger roofs wear better and longer than aged roofs, so investing in repairs to an old roof may not make economic sense.
  4. Visibility—Repairs could be a practical answer, if they are made in an area of the roof not easily visible. Repairs on the curb side of your home may lower your home’s value, making complete roof replacement a better option.
  5. Weathering—Des Moines weather takes its toll on even the best roof; your roofer may identify scouring, crazing, or wind damage, making replacement the wise choice.

Honest Talk

Have an honest and forthright talk with the roofer you trust for either a repair or replacement project. Raise any concerns you have, such as budget, scheduling, or materials choice. 

If you do not plan to be in your home for another 20 years, repairs may be enough; say so. Maybe you see yourself retiring into the same house you have, so a complete roof replacement now will pay off for decades to come. Your roofer can help you choose a shingle, composite, tile, or metal roofing solution. 

Your home in the Des Moines area is best protected when you work with VanWeelden Company for all your roofing needs. Contact us today to get answers to your questions about complete roof replacement, roof repair, and more.