A roof is a challenge. It protects everything you own and love, from pets to people to property. You need to trust such a high-value part of your home to true problem solvers, like the friendly folks of VanWeelden Company. We are roofers extraordinaire for three reasons. 

Customer Service

Most Des Moines homeowners will replace their home’s roof once during ownership. A roof is meant to last, after all. This means your interaction with your roofer is vitally important. VanWeelden Company can offer the highest levels of customer satisfaction and service:

  • We hold certifications to give the best service — in fact, VanWeelden holds 10 certifications, including five straight years of coveted GuildQuality Guildmaster with Distinction awards based on customer reviews.
  • We prize our user reviews; they show we give meticulous attention to detail, are attentive to your needs, deeply involved in crafting workable solutions for you, are scrupulously honest, and maintain the highest levels of professionalism.

Some companies say they provide good customer service. Some trumpet the occasional positive review. Other companies — our company, for example — prefer to practice excellent communication and customer support every day. We let the results speak for themselves. We have repeat customers (start with a roof, then add siding, then get insulation), we have customers’ own words at numerous sites extolling our service, and we have crew members and office staff ready to go the extra mile for you. 

Superior Products

America is blessed with many roofing material manufacturers. VanWeelden is a renowned company able to pick and choose our suppliers. We work only with America’s best materials producers, esteemed names like: 

  • DaVinci Roofscapes
  • GAF
  • DuPont
  • CertainTeed
  • Owens Corning
  • James Hardie

These are powerhouses of roofing and building materials. They expect their products to be installed well, if not flawlessly, and they extend the strongest warranties only to those companies with proven track records. 

VanWeelden, through years of hard work and careful installations, has earned the top designations from these companies. We can offer the strongest, longest-lasting warranties and the best products:

  • CertainTeed Select Shinglemaster
  • GAF Certified Preferred Contractor
  • Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor
  • James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor

The list goes on. With our close relationships with these companies, we bring the best roofing materials, the finest building materials, and the longest-lasting warranties to your Des Moines home. 

Peace of Mind

A roof — any roof, residential or industrial, shingle or composite — must perform three functions:

  1. Shield against water infiltration
  2. Defend against all-natural and human enemies
  3. Breathe with your structure

No roof is waterproof. All roofs are supposed to be water-resistant. VanWeelden Company can lay down a low-slope or steep-slope residential roof using composite, shingles, metal, or flat roof materials. We are equally adept at all types of roofing, but we always make certain to let the water go downhill; this is the first job of any roof. 

We expertly install water and ice shield, underlayment, and flashing to provide paths for water to leave your roof. We install metal, composite, shingle and flat roofing materials atop those layers to protect the rest of the roof. We select rugged materials to help perform the second job: defense. 

Branches, birds, wind, rodents, ice, insects: the list of enemies of your roof is long. A sturdy roof, a roof to last year in and year out, stops those invaders in their tracks. Hail, wind, ice and hard rain can take a toll on any roof, but superior materials can weather the storm. 

Pests, from tiny insects to large mammals like squirrels, mice, and raccoons, covet the relative warmth and dryness of your attic, so they will attack your roof’s weak spots. Only, with a VanWeelden installed roof, you have no weak spots. We provide a strong defense against all enemies of your roof.

Last, your roof must breathe. It requires ventilation so the air temperature in the unoccupied attic is nearly the same as the air temperature outside. Airflow from soffits to ridge keeps humidity low. A good roof accomplishes this. A good roofer ensures it. 

When you place a call to VanWeelden Company or contact us online, you have taken the first step to getting a residential roofing solution to fit your needs. We provide high levels of customer service, a wide array of products, and the best installation techniques. Partner with VanWeelden and sleep soundly, knowing you picked the right answer for your roofing dilemma.