Can Des Moines homeowners climb on their roofs? Can you leave a propane grill outside in the winter? Can you do exterior painting in the rain? No, yes, and no. And that last one really matters, for three important reasons. 


Whet your appetite for exterior siding painting with these nuggets:

  • Roofs are dangerous places in any weather; never climb on your home’s roof and instead call in trained roofers for inspection, repair, and replacement
  • A propane gas grill can safely store outside all winter, and be used all winter, as long as the outside temperature does not go below -44 ℉ (6.7 ℃). Charcoal grill? Good to go!

Main Course

You should not attempt to paint your Des Moines-area home’s exterior surfaces in the rain. Whether using acrylic- or oil-based exterior paint, both will suffer with the additional unwanted water from precipitation. 

To schedule your own exterior painting, consult reputable weather forecasts (which throughout Iowa are at least 72 percent accurate) to ensure clear skies for at least the next 48 hours. To schedule the services of a painting contractor, be flexible if the painter calls to delay the project due to forecasts. 

Rain has three main effects on exterior painting:

  1. Fresh paint will not soak into a wet surface
  2. A freshly painted surface will run and streak from rain
  3. Increased humidity will cause delayed drying times

Your home’s exterior surface must be scrubbed clean, free of any loose particles (dirt, paint, algae, moss), and completely dry before painting. 

Painting in the rain is a sure way to decrease your home’s value and curb appeal. You will be far happier enlisting skilled professional painters, who will ensure a thorough and flawless paint job. 


Here are some things you can do for your Des Moines-area home in the rain:

  • Make sure your gutters and downspouts are unclogged
  • Squeegee your windows for a quick cleaning courtesy of Mother Nature
  • Turn stray play buckets, kiddie pools, and other receptacles upside down so rainwater cannot give mosquitoes safe harbor
  • Or, if you have young kids, turn all the play buckets and kiddie pool right side up and play with your children in the rain; it’s a great memory after everyone dries off

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