Your roof not only keeps your family safe and secure from the elements, it’s one of the most costly structural components of your home. Keeping the roof in the best possible condition is a surefire way to extend its useful life, and it’s easy to achieve if you do these five simple things.

#1 Check for Roof Problems Regularly

To catch newly-developing issues, give your roof a periodic checkup from the safety of ground level. Walk around the perimeter and scan the rooftop for curled, broken or missing shingles, bare substrate and damaged/missing flashing around the roof edge, chimney, plumbing/exhaust vent penetrations and in the valleys.

#2 Schedule a Yearly Professional Inspection

The best roofing contractors in Des Moines offer free, in-depth roof inspections to area homeowners. A contractor who performs a thorough inspection will begin on the rooftop to check for issues like shingle, decking and flashing deterioration, and then continue in the attic to look for evidence of leaks on the roof’s underside. If any repairs are needed, it’s wise to get them done promptly.

#3 Make Sure There’s Ample Attic Ventilation

When heat gets trapped in your attic due to a lack of sufficient ventilation, it can cause structural damage to the rafters and age your roofing material prematurely. If you’re concerned that your attic isn’t adequately ventilated, ask your roofing contractor’s advice about the best options for your particular roof design and the airflow needs of your home.

#4 Trim Back Your Trees

If you have shade trees with limbs that overhang the roof, have them trimmed back at least 10 feet. When the trees are trimmed as necessary, there’s less risk of a limb breaking off from high winds, or the weight of heavy snow, and puncturing your roof. You’ll also notice less accumulation of pine needles, acorns, seed pods, dead leaves and other such debris on your roof and in the gutters.

#5 Keep the Gutters Well Maintained

Well-functioning gutters can help prevent ice dam-related water backups that deteriorate your home’s fascia trim, roof underlayment and decking, and prolong the life of your roof. This makes it essential to fix any problems with the gutters, like sagging sections, leaks or disconnected downspouts, and have them cleaned them out regularly so they don’t get clogged up with debris.

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