When you mention a tile roof to a Des Moines homeowner, the natural assumption is to think of Spanish tile, those beautiful, undulating barrel tiles on Mission style and Spanish Revival homes.

Tile is that, but it is also hand-crafted shake, slate or shingles. No matter the style of tile roof you select, your Des Moines home improves through durability, fire resistance, and heartwarming style.


Centuries after craftsmen installed them, tile roofs are still around today. Today ’s tile can be formed in just about any shape, but every tile roof has built-in durability unmatched by anything else in the roofing industry.

Fiberglass-asphalt shingles have a low installation cost, but only last between 15 and 20 years. Metal roofing has a much longer lifetime but is very expensive at installation time. Tile offers unmatched longevity — easily 75 years, often hundreds of years — while also locking in energy savings and boosting home value.

Fire Resistance

Nearly all roofing materials have at least some fire resistance, but few have the amazing properties of tile. All tile roofing is Class A fire resistant, and when used in a complete roofing system, your entire tile roof can even withstand direct flame while protecting your home.

A Class A roof, such as a dependable tile roof, must withstand these conditions, say experts at the Cooperative Extension System:

  1. Show a six-foot maximum flame spread
  2. Last two to four hours before catching fire
  3. Withstand a burning brand measuring one foot square and weighing a kilogram
  4. Resist 15 on-off cycles of a gas flame directly applied to the surface


The earthy, charming, inviting warmth of tile is unmatched by any other product. Terracotta tile, while energy efficient and able to provide natural air flow to lower cooling costs, always projects a heartwarming appeal. Boost your home’s visual interest, curb appeal and lasting value by choosing terracotta roof tiles.

One amazing facet of a tile roof is the color achievable with this age-old but innovative product. Glazed tile can be used for your tile roof in any of 50 colors, some with added flecks of complementary colors that capture the imagination.

With a call to the VanWeelden Company, you can meet with one of our friendly representatives to learn all about the benefits of terracotta tile for your roof replacement. Contact us today and benefit from a great roof that will last through a lifetime of tomorrows.

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