Have you ever asked yourself, “How does a roof warranty work?” You get this sheaf of papers in the mail, or a roofing contractor hands you a little packet, and you wonder what it’s worth. The answer: a lot! Keep your warranty safe! Here’s why.

Roof Insurance

A roof warranty is like insurance for your roof. Sure, you have homeowners insurance, but you can also have other insurance on other items. Perhaps you have a rider on jewelry, or artwork, or a collection of tools. Perhaps you have electronic equipment protected by manufacturers’ warranties.

A roof works the same way. It is a promise to pay you, the owner, for defects in the manufacturing of the roofing material. Many warranties also promise to pay for faulty installation. When backed by companies the size and financial stability of Owens Corning, your home’s roof warranty is worth real money.

Benefits of a Roof Warranty

Owens Corning or any of the major makers of roofing materials will not insure a product they know will cost them money later on. This is just economic sense. The product is made extremely well, so Owens Corning is confident it will face a very low payout rate for manufacturing mistakes.

Still, what if your Des Moines home is the unlucky one? Your contractor carefully installed shingles that, unfortunately, had the wrong mix of chemicals to hold the granules, let’s say. The contractor did nothing wrong. You did nothing wrong. The shingle manufacturer did a lot wrong. The warranty pays for the fix. 

Owens Corning also provides warranty coverage for installation. This is crucial, and more than doubles the value of a roof warranty. The shingles were perfect, but the installation crew did something wrong. If the contractor was trained, approved, and financially backed by Owens Corning, you turn to the manufacturer’s deeper pockets and get a remedy. 

Only the Best

Again, though, Owens Corning is not going to spend money time after time bailing out a contractor. The company only extends its best, strongest, most valuable warranties to contractors who, frankly, cost the company little to insure. 

A limited, short-term warranty on a basic three-tab shingle might only cover manufacturing errors for 10 years. A stronger, longer warranty may cover manufacturing errors for the life of the shingle. Those are adequate. Not great, but not bad. 

A really strong, full warranty covers all this:

  • Manufacturing errors for 50 years
  • Installation errors for the life of the installation
  • Blue-green algae growth (for products labeled algae-resistant)

Owens Corning offers just such a warranty, its Platinum Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty. It only offers these through its best contractors, deemed Platinum Preferred Contractors, such as VanWeelden Company. 

Earning the Best

Owens Corning will not extend the Platinum Preferred Warranty to just any contractor. VanWeelden Company earned its ability to offer this strong warranty by demonstrating that the company’s roofing crews do great work, time after time. 

Achieving the Platinum Preferred Contractor designation was not an overnight task, either. VanWeelden Company’s crews, managers, and office staff worked hard:

  • Factory training
  • Financial stability
  • Customer service
  • Customer ratings 
  • Community support

Only the top two percent of roofing contractors nationwide receive Owens Corning’s Platinum Preferred rating. This means only those top two percent can offer the Platinum warranty. 

Personal Best

Look again at the strength of the Platinum warranty: it covers workmanship (installation) for the lifetime of your home. You can even transfer the warranty one time when you sell the home, so the new homeowner is fully protected, too. The warranty also covers manufacturing issues for 50 years

Find your warranty for that new plasma television. For your new car. For a laptop. Nothing compares to a 50-year warranty. That makes your roofing warranty your personal best warranty for your Des Moines home. 

Best Choice

You may not feel a need for so robust a warranty for your roof work. Perhaps you know you will be selling and moving within a decade. Perhaps you need a roof on an outbuilding (garden shed or workshop). 

Your best choice of warranty depends on many factors, so a good manufacturer offers choices. Owens Corning, for example, offers all these in addition to the Platinum level:

  • Standard Limited Warranty
  • Total Protection Roofing System
  • System Protection Limited Warranty
  • Preferred Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty

What is your best choice? Only you can decide, but only if you are educated by a helpful, local roofing expert. Speak with a sales representative from a reliable roofer and then select your best level of roofing protection. 

For the strongest, best, most valuable warranty on your Des Moines home, contact the highly trained professionals of VanWeelden Company today! We will be happy to explain the details of the Owens Corning Platinum Protection Roofing System Warranty or any of our other strong roofing warranties.