Why a New Roof is Crucial to the Resale Success of Your Home

There are many reasons why getting a new roof on your home makes sense, not the least of which is protecting the exterior and interior of your house from water damage and other issues.

But a roof replacement also helps for another critical reason: it increases the resale value of your home. The most recent survey by Remodeling Magazine said a new roof could increase your home’s value by up to approximately $24,000.

Here’s a look at why a new roof can make it easier to sell your home in the future.

1. Newer roofs attract buyers

People in the market for a new home don’t expect – or want – to pay for a new roof shortly after buying a home. The buyer assumes the roof is in good shape, is well-maintained, and tied into the home’s overall price tag – and not an add-on cost.

2. Curb appeal

A house with a new roof usually has more curb appeal, i.e., it’s more attractive to potential buyers visually. A new roof can easily make a home stand out among all of the houses a buyer considers.

3. Energy savings

New roofs could add increased energy savings to the homeowners – savings which are passed on to potential buyers. From reduced heating costs to better temperature moderation in the warmer months, a new roof can ease the strain on your budget.

4. Avoiding inspection issues

A quick way to stop a home sale in its tracks is a roof that doesn’t pass inspection by inspectors and appraisers. The prospect of having to replace the roof is hardly a selling point to buyers.

5. Warranties

Many roofing companies offer transferable warranties in which the buyer pays a small cost to have the roof’s warranty transferred to them. Doing so can save them from paying for repair work in the future.

6. Durability

Enhancements made to roofing materials over the years have helped to extend their lifespan. Meanwhile, materials such as metal can help a roof to last 50 years, or more. What potential buyer wouldn’t like the prospect of never having to pay for a new roof for as long as they live in their home?

When it’s time to install a new roof on your Des Moines-area home, contact VanWeelden Co. They’ll do the job right and help to increase your home’s value.