When you bought your Des Moines-area home, you did not receive a little owner’s manual with a chapter called “Why Roof Maintenance is Important.” Pity, because your roof’s health is key to your home’s health. We can think of at least five reasons roof maintenance matters


You can extend the lifespan of your home’s roof with regular, conscientious maintenance. No roof lasts forever, but protecting your significant investment in a shingle, composite, or metal roof can add years to the roof’s life. 

A small annual cost for routine maintenance and minimal repairs can add months or even years to the typical Des Moines roof. 


The less you have to spend on large-scale roof repairs or a complete roof replacement, the more you can spend on other fun things like vacations. Save money over time by keeping your roof in good shape. 

Putting the high cost of a roof replacement off for even just five years gives you huge savings over neighbors who must replace their roof every 10 to 15 years. 


Your home’s roof has its own insurance policy, the warranty provided by the roofing materials manufacturer. Preserve your warranty by keeping up to date with maintenance on the roof. 

Most warranties — including builders’ warranties covering installation errors — are void if neglect can be proven. 


Lock in your Des Moines-area home’s resale value by keeping the roof in good shape. You boost curb appeal, project a proud appearance to neighbors, and make your family happy. When the time comes to sell, you have added value, thanks to a healthy roof. 


When you pay a small amount every year for a roof inspection and routine maintenance, you lower repair costs for the roof and see savings in other areas. Lower power bills from increased energy efficiency are the natural result of a highly efficient, correctly functioning roof.

Your roof circulates air, separates outdoor air from treated indoor air, and keeps moisture out of your home. It can do all that, though, only if it is properly maintained. A neglected roof — with increased humidity, poor insulation, and water infiltration — hurts energy efficiency and increases your energy bills.

Your nearby residential roofing contractor can help you enjoy all the benefits of annual roof maintenance. VanWeelden Company can provide your Des Moines-area home with a full range of roofing services, including proper roof maintenance. Contact us today, and we can help put your roof right, right away!